Kallback,  The Original Callback Service!
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The Original Callback® Service!

Start saving now on your international long distance with the original worldwide
callback service, Kallback®

Kallback® discount long distance rates are among the cheapest callback® rates in the world. Kallback saves you on calling worldwide from your home, office, hotel - even your cellular phone. You can also get more savings on your fax and computer modem connections with Kallback.

Kallback lets you change your callback® phone number as you travel. Or you can pick a single, permanent location.

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Kallback offers you four call-triggering options:

  • Standard Trigger Numbers allow you to receive calls at a single, permanent location.
  • Traveler Trigger Numbers allow you to change your callback® location.
  • Personalized Trigger Numbers ask for you by name at a permanent location.
  • You can also trigger a call from the internet.

How can Kallback save you so much on your international calls?

Kallback is the originator of a unique telephone innovation called "callback®" that provides low-cost U.S. international long distance rates to countries outside the United States.

A Kallback customer simply dials our U.S. "trigger number", lets it ring once and hangs up before it answers. Within seconds, the Kallback computer rings back the caller with a U.S. dial tone. Then, the caller dials out as usual, using this U.S line to call any country they choose. Kallback bills at far cheaper rates than most every other country's long distance service. Yes, Kallback gives you some of the lowest international long distance rates in the world!

The Original callback  Service! The Original callback Service!The Original callback Service!

Get 800 numbers with Kall8!

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